Dealing With Traffic Congestion On Major Roads

Over recent years there has been a large increase in the number of people who own cars. Narrower streets in small suburbs tend to be most affected especially where only on street parking is available. These areas are inappropriate for driver training especially for complete beginners. School traffic and motorists travelling to and from work account for much of the traffic volume. Morning and early evening will therefore be the busiest times. A driving test taken at these times would involve a lot of slower driving with less distance covered overall which can be an advantage in some respects.

Motorists using a satellite navigation system should programme the route in advance leaving sufficient time to plan for any congestion. Being stuck in traffic means that motorists become frustrated and are more prone to take risks without proper planning or consideration for their actions. If you leave a road that is congested the guidance system will re programme the route but be sure to look for no entry signs. Satellite navigation systems are notorious for sending people incorrectly down one way streets.

Mobile phones can be useful if you need to call ahead to arrange arrival at your destination. It is illegal to use mobile phones while driving even if you are stationary in traffic so if it is possible get a passenger to make the call for you.

Driving instructors will teach you how to drive smoothly in heavy traffic. Always look well ahead and never rush up to a queue of traffic. By easing off the gas early you will often find that the situation has cleared and cars have started to move again before you get there, meaning you don’t have to stop at all. The constant motion of the car will go a long way towards relieving the stress of city driving and save money on your fuel bill. This is something you will definitely get to practise during driving lessons Nottingham.

On some motorways you will come across temporary variable speed limits. Evidence shows that if traffic is…

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