Dave Chappelle crashes Chris Rock stand-up to perform surprise routine

Chris Rock’s debut Total Blackout tour show was notable for two reasons. First, the comedian hasn’t embarked on a world tour in nine years, the break having been filled with divorce and various acting roles.

Second, Dave Chappelle, who recently released two comedy specials on Netflix, appeared alongside his friend, opening the show and remaining onstage throughout Rock’s set.

According to the New Orleans Advocate, initially, a curtain was drawn, revealing an Old English logo with the initials ‘CR’. Instead of the headline act walking out, though, Chappelle surprised the audience, leading to a standing ovation. 

Opening his 20-minute solo set, the comedian said “a social experiment. Chris Rock is in Austin headlining my show. … What we’re trying to figure out is: Does it really make a difference?”

Rock soon joined, leading to yet more thunderous applause, the pair then riffing on each other for the rest of the evening. 

While no phones or recording devices were allowed in the vicinity, the aforementioned publication noted how the duo jokes about Caitlyn Jenner, Donald Trump, and Chris’s lengthy divorce, as well as the reaction to some of Chappelle’s controversial jokes featured on the Netflix series.

“Coming after me for feminist issues is a waste of time,” Chappelle said, jokingly adding: “You know what the feminist movement needs? A male leader.”

Ending the set, Rock’s guest said that the set may have been “the flyest things I’ve ever been a part of,” adding: “The only thing better would be if Eddie Murphy lowered from the rafters.”

While Murphy didn’t appear, the duo were supported by Eric Andre and Jeff Ross, while the audience was littered with celebrities including Rosario Dawson and Tyra Banks.

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