Dangers of ‘hydrating’ with energy drinks

Health professionals caution anyone daring to exercise in the summer sun to stay hydrated, and to make sure to take breaks or rest from activity. But unfortunately, some people may opt to hydrate with energy drinks rather than water or an electrolyte-rich alternative. Whether you’re exercising or drinking caffeinated drinks for pleasure, you should understand the dangers of using these energy drinks.

In one small study, researchers found that these highly caffeinated drinks actually influenced changes in the heart’s electrical activity. The researchers do approach their results cautiously due to the small number of participants. Still, many people have experienced cardiac disorders after drinking several energy drinks together.

In the worst scenarios, some children or adults experience life-threatening cardiac arrest. One such young adult needed emergency medical attention after drinking eight energy drinks.


As the doctors searched for the instigating factor, they could find nothing wrong with the young man. He simply had high levels of caffeine and taurine (a stimulant often used in energy drinks) that caused his arteries to lock up. He had overstimulated his body with the caffeinated drinks.

The Dangers of Energy Drinks and Heat

Energy drinks pose several health risks to humans, especially during the heat of summer. First of all, energy drinks contain high levels of sugar inside each can.

In fact, one can could contain up…

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