Cuomo has no path to the White House, Dems’ ‘women with guns’ problem, & other comments

From the right: Cuomo Has No Path to White House

Three years from the next presidential election, pundits are already “pondering the depths” of Gov. Cuomo’s national ambition, notes John William Schiffbauer at Gotham Gazette — who asks: “What’s his constituency?” Having accepted $18 million in campaign contributions from financial, real-estate and lobbying groups, it’s doubtful he “would resonate very deeply amongst the fiercely populist, anti-corporate liberal grassroots millennials and other left-wing special-interest groups.” And “if he can’t inspire the base, then how can he expect to emerge triumphant from a presidential primary rife with younger, more appealing progressive leaders?” Add to that Cuomo’s record — including “failed ethics” — and a third term as governor will likely “be the apex of his decades-long political career.”

Conservative take: New Hypocrisy on Anti-Semitism

Gary Weiss at National Review says something makes him “uneasy” about the coverage of the new wave of anti-Semitism, including cemetery vandalism: “It’s the stench of cynicism, of rank hypocrisy and of media double standards.” Reports often suggest that these attacks are “inspired” by the Trump administration’s “bigotry.” Yet in 2010, when 200 tombstones were overturned at a Jewish cemetery in Brooklyn, “there were no fundraisers by Muslim-Americans” and no coverage in major media, except for The Post. Fact is, “anti-Semitism has become politicized, and has become entwined in the widespread disdain” for Trump. And some groups “are cynically exploiting the wave of anti-Semitism as political cover” for their fiercely anti-Israel advocacy.

Politics watch: Media Grooming Chelsea As New Trump

Because Democrats can’t understand “how they were bested by a political figure they see as an empty suit with a pedigree famous for little more than tweeting,” they’re looking for something similar, suggests Noah…

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