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The Tories, lead by Theresa May, has seen its fortunes slip though, if only marginally.

According to the latest online opinion poll by Opinium of 2,005 adults, which was conducted before the local elections across the country on Thursday, gave Mrs May’s party 46 per cent, a drop of one point since a similar poll by the same group on April 25.

Labour, under Jeremy Corbyn, held steady in second place with 30 per cent.

Tim Farron’s Liberal Democrats came in on nine per cent and the anti-European Union Ukip on seven per cent.

Adam Drummond, Head of Political Polling at Opinium, said the strains of the campaign spotlight have had some impact on the public perception of May, with those who voted to remain in the EU in last year’s referendum in particular feeling less convinced by her message than at the start of the campaign.

But he added: “The Conservatives can afford to lose some Remain voters because, as the local elections showed, they are absorbing most of the UKIP vote and are on course for the type of victory last seen by (Labour’s) Tony Blair and Margaret Thatcher when they were at their peaks.”

Earlier today a survey of Labour supporters by ORB revealed that 59 per cent believe the embattled left-wing leader Mr Corbyn, 67, should quit if the Tories hold on to power on June 8.

Traditionally the party leader steps down in the wake of an election defeat, just as Ed Miliband and Gordon Brown did in 2015 and 2010 respectively.

But sources close to Corbyn have suggested the Islington MP will try to cling on to power regardless, at least until September’s party conference in a bd to secure a hard left successor.

More moderate Labour members have given up on trying to oust the beleagured leader, and are resigned to letting him lead the party into a potentially disasterous General Election in the hope his position becomes untenable and he quits.

Dave Wilcox, former group leader of the Labour party in Derbyshire, who saw his party cede power to the Tories yesterday, told the…

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