Connectivity to Launch PEOPL, THE Interpreter Marketplace and the Industry’s First Global Live Platform Offering High Definition Transformative Learning and Collaboration

When it comes to an online marketplace, you now have a game changing offering with a long-term residual in this global space

Connectivity, one the largest networks of highly skilled interpreters, language service providers (LSPs) and transcribers is proud to announce its dynamic new online marketplace, (peopl) an unmatched Virtual Participant Engagement Network (VPEN).

PEOPL was unveiled as the most significant development in Connectivity’s 5-year history as it moves beyond language services and now connects fulfillment with demand, call centers with experts.

Connectivity is now adding subject matter experts wherever you are in the world with whoever you need to engage with today. This global market strategy is one of the first of its kind to focus on multiple industries simultaneously and our customers now have unprecedented access to the highest skilled interpreters and their offerings in PEOPL where they all come to one place for a truly high definition engagement for their businesses.

Having already transformed where people go to access and request live and on-site interpretation services, Connectivity is now taking this same “people first” approach beyond B2C and B2B to the H2H (Human to Human) offerings. The difference is to simultaneously provide a marketplace for people to expand their careers from their passions and offer customers unique opportunities to become global with an unprecedented platform.

This transformative interpretation services and support combined with a platform that offers high definition engagement experiences is first to market; but best in class. Connectivity, combined with the PEOPL marketplace can also leverage and integrate our live worldwide network of multi-lingual teams for video…

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