Choosing Your Own Fishing Place

There are plenty of places to go fishing in South Africa. Each is ideal for finding a different kind of fish and will therefore appeal to different kinds of fishermen. This is why it is important for you to make sure that you select the right fishing spot when you wish to go fishing. Here are a few things that you might like to bear in mind.


For the most part the actual rivers within South Africa tend to be rather large and may be fairly dangerous to the unskilled fisherman. You should make sure that you have your skippers license if you plan on fishing in a river like the Zambezi or which you travel with an expert skipper who knows the waters. The Zambezi river is a fantastic river for fishing in South Africa. It’s home to the tiger fish, the African version of the piranha. You will also be up against the challenge of avoiding hippo and crocodile while you fish for this ferocious fish.

Lakes as well as dams

These are generally a great deal calmer compared to the big rivers in South Africa. They’re home to things like bass and kerper. These fish can get truly large and can put up a significant fight when they are hooked. Admittedly, you can’t eat bass as they are of the carp family and usually have a large amount of little bones and don’t taste too great, but the catch and release plan works pretty well with them.

Seas and oceans

You’ll be able to find a lot of challenges if you decide to try fishing in South Africa’s oceans. The water isn’t as calm as Mediterranean nations are familiar with. The actual waves easily reach one or two meters on a normal day, never mind when there is a storm in the area. Deep sea fishing is an adventure that no sport fisherman should lose out on.

As you can see, there are plenty of different things that you can try your hand at. If you are a fisherman that likes a challenge then South Africa is a superb country to give fishing a try in. There is nothing about this nation that is completely tame and easy. You will have to battle to…

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