Child Custody Issues: Parental Alienation – by Garrett Law Group

Parental alienation is a situation that develops when a child expresses behavior of serious dislike or perhaps even hatred towards one particular parent. The emotions are normally unjustified and also they cause it to be difficult for the alienated parent to connect or interact with the child.

Various situations induce these types of feelings. They normally are encouraged by the adverse opinions a child hears from one parent regarding the other. These feelings in a child are frequently seen in a divorce situation where sentiments of the mother and father may run over and have an effect on how a child feels and the things they imagine. Parents could be distracted by their own turmoil as they deal with situations like child custody and allocation of property.

Where the circumstances of the breakup are uncomfortable and painful, such as a dishonest spouse, it can be hard for one parent to cover their contempt and animosity toward the other partner and they might unwillingly impact the feelings of the child. Seeing and hearing close relatives speak about the other parent adversely, conversations where insults are typically thrown about and mention of what one parent did wrong can make a child feel like they dislike one parent and make them distance themself from them. So does learning about a parent being uncaring, concerning how they misuse finances, their being users or abusers of illicit drugs as well as other behavior that may have resulted in the marriage or relationship to break down. A parent may expose this to a child knowingly or unintentionally.

One parent may want to get back at the other by turning a child against them. It is important for parents to understand that the attempts to get revenge on the other by turning the children against them can backfire on them. The child may dislike the parent who conveys to them unfavorable things about the other parent. The child might possibly detest the blaming parent for not forgiving the parent who has done…

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