ChefMod LLC Releases CrossDoc and Restauranteurs Go Paperless with iPhone SE, iPhone 6S, iPhone 7, iPhone 6S Plus and iPhone 7 Plus and Android Devices

CrossDoc connecting invoices to your financials

A faster more efficient way to access invoice records and cost information

ChefMod, LLC today introduced CrossDoc the easiest way to integrate paper invoices across company locations with the restaurant’s corporate accounting system. CrossDoc is a no-cost addition to all existing members of ChefMod FINANCIALS Suite and features scan options for desktop and any mobile device, a document library, automatic general ledger account coding, synchronization with electronic invoice, and purchase order reconciliation with just a few clicks, or taps on a iPad, iPhone or Android smartphone. CrossDoc automatically integrates with the FINANCIALS Suite eliminating expensive double data entry, capturing of every line item expense providing invaluable business metrics.

So much of the restaurant business is left to expensive redundant manual labor. “We are thrilled to offer this groundbreaking new feature to help eliminate paper and expedite the entire cost accounting of goods and services to our member locations,” said John Oldweiler, ChefMod’s President & Founder. “With faster more efficient ways to access invoice records and cost information, Chefs and managers across the entire corporate structure have better access to more complete information when they need it the most.”

Just in time for the busy summer season, ChefMod is offering this new product free to all existing member locations as well as offering extended feature services for new ChefMod members. Restaurants receive a free demo on their website

About ChefMod, LLC

Established in October of 2005, ChefMod LLC addresses what no company has been able to do which is to provide a nationally focused full purchasing…

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