Character and Colour: Bathroom Design With Personality

As the vast majority of bathroom suites manufactured these days are glossy white porcelain and acrylic, and when we factor in the trend for minimalist bathroom design that was the dominant trend of the last decade, it begin to feel as though all domestic bathrooms are simply variations on a single theme.

So how can we achieve a little more personality in our bathrooms? How can we stand out from the crowd and have a room with some personality and character? Well the answer, my friends, lies with colour. Turn your back on the sparse, white minimalism of the last ten years and inject some colour, and thus character, back into your bathroom.

Firstly, most bathrooms tend to have simple white walls, which can make smaller rooms feel lighter and larger, but can seem a little harsh sterile. Opting instead for a light pastel shade will retain these qualities of light and space, but will add a little warmth and make the bathroom feel a little more inviting.

To maintain a calm and organised bathroom, it is essential to have sufficient storage space in which to store all of the cosmetics, toiletries and cleaning supplies we all tend to accumulate over time. This will require some bathroom furniture, which is fortunately very much back en vogue of late. Although there are cabinets and cupboards available in all manner of coloured lacquers, are most subtle, stylish and effective choice of finish is to opt for natural woods. Whether you select lighter coloured woods, such as oak or pine, or for a bolder darker hued wood, such as walnut or wenge, naturally wooden furniture will not only bring some colour into your bathroom, but it will bring with it a tactile, sensory appeal, a warmth that is only found in natural products.

As far as types of cabinet are concerned, how many you choose to install is entirely down to you, but a vanity unit, a wall-mounted cabinet and a freestanding Tallboy unit will provide you with ample storage and will allow you to spread your new décor…

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