Change Your LIfe By Rapidly Eliminating Unfinished Tasks

Completing unfinished tasks is a great way to immediately change your life for the better. Unfinished tasks steal hours of valuable time and silently cause stress. These productivity thieves will zap your energy, but you can eliminate them.

From a button missing from your pants to a disorderly desk, every unfinished task robs you. Just like an embezzler sneaking away with money, these thieves don’t steel in big obvious ways. They nibble your attention only for a few moments at a time. Not a big problem. Right? Wrong. The cumulative consequence is mind numbing. As many as fifty unfinished tasks might be silently stealing from you. Some of these only take a few moments. For example, a missing button aggravates you just a moment when you realize you still haven’t sewn it on. Then you lose a few more minutes looking for something else to wear. A messy desk might mean 20 minutes of looking for a bill you failed to pay because it was mislayed. Not to mention the guilt you feel each time you see the disarray. Even if each of these unfinished tasks only averaged taking about 30 seconds of your time a day. Cumulatively this would total 9,125 minutes. That’s almost 152 hours, or nearly four full forty hour work weeks.

What would your work performance increase with an extra 4 weeks of creative energy, rather than distraction and stress? How would your relationships with family and friends improve with an extra four weeks of attention?

So how can you arrest these thieves? You do so with four simple steps.

Step 1–Write out ALL of your unfinished tasks. Consider work and home and write down every messy drawer you hope clean, every project you keep thinking you will get to, appointment you keep intending to make, etc. Write down tasks both small and large. Anything incomplete, write it down. Just purging these tasks on paper will reduce the emotional and mental deficit they cause you.

Step 2–Write the first action step necessary to get begin next to each task. These action…

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