Champion for Innovative Financing for Development, Laurent Lamothe, Spoke at the World Economic Forum

As an international organisation with no commercial interests, the World Economic Form provides a platform for leaders from all the stakeholder groups from around the world—business, government and civil society—to come together to shape a better future for mankind. The Forum engages businesses in projects and initiatives—both online and off-line—to address industry, regional and systemic issues.

Laurent Lamothe, former Prime Minister of Haiti and founder of LSL World Initiative, which assists the governments of emerging countries to generate revenue for socio-economic development through micro-contributions levied on global activities such as telecommunications and financial transactions (Innovative Financing for Development), spoke on Thursday 4 May in the discussion focused on: South Africa—EU Dialogue on Sustainable Transition: Country perspectives: How a circular economy can benefit African and European nations alike.

The term “circular economy” relates to economic activities envisaged as a circle like a doughnut where the hole in the doughnut’s center reveals the proportion of people globally who fall short on life’s essentials such as food, water, healthcare, and political freedom of expression—and a large part of humanity’s challenge is to get everyone out of that hole.

Certainly, Lamothe’s life work has been focused on assisting the governments of emerging countries to uplift their peoples through the provision of education, telecommunications, water, electricity and other important services using their domestic resources and without increasing their foreign debt. His contention has always been that micro-contributions—when aggregated— can make a mega-contribution to the provision of socio-economic development.

Many millions of people still live daily with hunger,…

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