Cayuga’s Waiters Issue Statement on A Cappella Group’s Permanent Dismissal by Cornell University

Cayuga’s Waiters Alumni today released an official statement regarding the dismissal of Cayuga’s Waiters a cappella group by Cornell University due to allegations of hazing. The full text is available at

“Cayuga’s Waiters Alumni and our Advisory Board stand with Cornell University in condemning hazing in all its forms. Our alumni were shocked and saddened when the allegations against group members came to light. The incidents in question largely represent the actions of a few former members, who have been expelled from Cayuga’s Waiters Alumni. We appreciate the University’s direct response to these actions, however, we remain concerned about the following issues:

  • Over a number of years, requests for help in changing group culture made by Cayuga’s Waiters to Cornell through its official hazing reporting channels went unanswered.
  • The judicial process punished on-campus group members who were themselves victims of hazing, and who had to defend themselves at great expense and under emotional duress.
  • Cayuga’s Waiters, the Advisory Board, and Cornell administrators were working on a plan set forth by Cornell to get the group back on track when the initial disciplinary finding was appealed and overturned by request of the Judicial Administrator’s Office.

“Last fall, Cayuga’s Waiters Alumni and the Advisory Board put forward a disciplinary plan that included a lengthy suspension for the on-campus group, development of new governance structures in partnership with Cornell, and reinstatement of the on-campus group under the supervision of the Advisory Board. To date, Cornell has refused this outreach. Cayuga’s Waiters Alumni still hope to implement such a plan in partnership with Cornell.”

About the Cayuga’s Waiters Alumni and the Advisory Board:


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