Carp Fishing Tips : From Learn to Fish With Andy

What a wonderful fish Carp to catch.  They give you a fair fight right up to the last.

There are many Carp Fishing Tips and given you are reading this you must be Fishing for Carp Tips! Ohhh! OK, my jokes are bad!

One of the important factors is the test curve of the rod you buy and this is determined on how you intend fishing, Ledgering or Float.  Your choice of Rod can also determine how far you will be able to cast.

I use two rods so have one on the bottom (ledgering) and one with a float and each style needs a different tipped rod.

If you are ledgering it is the end of the rod that will indicate that a fish has taken your bait so we tend to use a quiver tipped rod.  This is a very this tip, which literally quivers and bounces when the fish grabs the bait.

Float fishing requires a completely different tipped rod, much firmer.  This is because when you see that a fish has taken your bait, which is usually when your float disappears from site, you must raise your rod fast to secure the fish.  If you were using a quiver tipped rod the the tip would just bend and you would lose the impact of the strike.

Let’s talk about bait as you will most likely be told 1000’s of tall stories about the killer bait used by someone’s granddad, which they can’t tell you about.

In the early days keep it simple.  There are three main baits I recommend.  Maggots, sweetcorn and good old luncheon meat.  You can also buy a bag of groundbait and mix it when at the bank.  Make it firm enough so you can mould a ball to throw to where you want the fish to swim.  Luncheon meat is an all rounder and carp love it.  Sweetcorn is easy to hook and you can also throw loose corn over the top of your sinking bait to better attract the fish.  Maggots are good as they wriggle around but if you don’t ahve a bait shop anywhere near you stick to the first two.

Oh yeah, don’t forget to have a knife, for cutting the meat.  A fork for mixing your groundbait and a can opener for your…

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