Caronlab Delivers Innovative Bump eRaiser to Customers at

One of the leading digital platforms for health, nutrition and beauty products will now carry the popular Bump eRaiser line from Caronlab Australia.

The products, which will now appear alongside top-performing brands on, helps individuals address a range of difficult skin conditions that can arise when regularly waxing or shaving. Due to its innovative blend of ingredients, Bump eRaiser promotes smoother, more comfortable skin after all types of hair removal.

“We consider this partnership with a major win for both parties, as we will now have access to an incredibly active customer base,” said Derek Griffin, retail brand manager for Caronlab. “Millions of people across the United States suffer from the aftereffects of shaving and waxing, which can be uncomfortable and result in unsightly bumps, infections and other conditions. We are offering a more effective solution that eliminates many of these issues from the start.”

Bump eRaiser prevents ingrown hairs, which occur when dead skin cells accumulate in areas where hair removal has taken place. New hair gets caught under these dead skin cells causing a papules, which is why it’s common for individuals to experience issues like redness, itchiness, irritation and pimples after hair removal. Bump eRaiser addresses these problems through its highly concentrated formula that serves as an effective spot solution to eliminate razor bumps and inflammation, while even slowing down the regrowth of hair.

On a global scale, Caronlab has gained a positive reputation for the quality and effectiveness of its various skin care products, including Bump eRaiser. The company was founded by Lilliane Caron, who had operated nationally renowned salons in Australia for many years. Today, Caronlab is widely regarded as one of Australia’s…

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