Captive Audience Marketing Completed Large Auto Attendant Project with Converge One

Captive Audience Marketing is pleased to announce that the company paired with Converge One to complete a large project for a multi-national supply chain company with several international offices.

After Captive Audience received the complete auto attendant script from Converge One, the team used their network of announcers to translate and voice 22 languages and 25 unique accents. After each language was translated, the content was sent to the client for approval before voicing took place.

Some of the languages in the project were: Mandarin, Cantonese, English-UK, English-Australian, French, French-Canadian, Tagalog, German, Norwegian, Dutch, Finnish, German, Portuguese, Brazilian-Portuguese, and Spanish. Since local announcers were used, more accurate translations and authentic voicing were provided to the client.

Even with strict deadlines, Captive Audience was able to meet deadlines, and in some cases, were even able to exceed the client’s timeframes. Additionally, the project was completed within budget.

With more than 30 years’ worth of experience, Captive Audience seamlessly completed the project and worked effectively with Converge One to ensure the script was fully completed and met expectations.

Per the company, “The customer will need continuous updates and changes to keep up with their industry. Captive Audience will be able to update their auto attendant with the same announcer for each language, for years to come. We look forward to the ongoing relationship we have with Converge One.”

For more information about the company and their services, visit the website at or call 1-800-488-2550.

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