Camping and Handheld GPS Devices

Maps are a great tool when camping especially when wilderness camping; however if your budget allows check out the huge variety of GPS (Global Positioning Systems) that are available and fit in the palm of your hand. 

If you are the adventurous sort and want to wander away from camp, all good campers know that there are certain safety devices one should carry with them and in this age of technology the handheld GPS device should be one of them.  It would be great if you could own one for every member of the family because some of them have special tracking features.

GPS devices are great for taking along on your camping trip for many activities such as:

  • Geocaching
  • Hiking
  • Off Road Activities
  • Camping in the Wilderness
  • Boating
  • And much more!

Geocaching has become popular in the last decade and for those of you haven’t tried it or heard of it here’s a brief description.  By the way, a hand held GPS device is a must to participate.  Also I’ve heard there are apps available for smartphones that work for geocaching as well.  Geocaching is basically a treasure hunt.  Locations are all over the place.  The internet has several geocaching sites where you can look up the latitude and longitude of the cache.  The cache usually contains a log book which you can sign indicating you’ve located the cache.  Sometimes, but not always there might be an inexpensive little prize in the cache and it’s expected that if you take it you will leave behind something else for the next person who locates the site.  It’s a great activity for off road enthusiasts, hikers and family walks.  You choose the activity level for the cache you’re going to seek out.

GPS for hiking is a wonderful new technology.  Just remember if you are a very adventurous hiker that technology is not full proof; batteries die and sometimes devices fail.  Always be prepared with a backup system to navigate with should your GPS device fail.

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