Business Women Discover Caregiving Joys In Becci Bookner’s New Book

“Life is precious and difficult at all stages of its various cycles,” Bookner admits. “We tend to view all of life as great except for being ‘aged.’ Being a ‘grown older’ is not a punishment but a most special gift.”

According to new data from the recent [University of Michigan Health and Retirement Study, daughters are two times more likely to provide care for aging parents than are sons. The research concludes that in families with children of both genders, sons will reduce their time spent with their elderly parents while daughters increase that time to compensate for their male siblings.

For daughters providing care for their parents, author and caregiving specialist Becci Bookner is here to help. Her new guidebook, “Business Woman’s Guide to Caregiving: A Kit of Tools for the Heart” (published by WestBow Press), is a unique caregivers’ manual written with the business woman in mind.

Bookner, who has also authored “Patterns of The Heart,” “Good Manners for Great Caregivers” and “Something About Christmas,” brings an extensive amount of career experience to her book. As the president and CEO of Family Staffing Solutions and a caregiver herself, Bookner writes from knowledge, offering unique insights into caring for parents.

With “Business Woman’s Guide to Caregiving,” working daughters will find support and advice for balancing their professional lives with their care-giving responsibilities. Bookner encourages readers to see the joys and blessings God gives them through care-giving and enjoy these years of caring for elderly relatives rather than viewing the responsibility as a burden.

“Life is precious and difficult at all stages of its various cycles,” Bookner admits. “We tend to…

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