Business Owners Success Series Seminar, For Businesses Owned By Veterans

The Business of Building Winners

The Business Owners Success Series Seminar is going to be held by Richie Bello West (An Institute By Richie Bello for Leadership and Management) on June 9-11, 2017. The seminar includes a mix of lectures, technical sessions, and case studies through interaction with the participants and practical training. Discussions revolved around collaboration on mastering your emotions, social media, relationship building, digital marketing, maximizing energy, time management, how to network for results, and secrets to creating loyal customers.

The three-day session will be attending by 10 of the world’s top speakers from all over the world. The world’s top speakers who will be speaking in this seminar are:

1. Greg Jacobson – Success Mindset: Loving What You Do

Harvard University conducted a study of their students to find what skills made the most difference over time, and they found that developing and maintaining relationships outweighed everything else.

2. Jay Goodbinder – Optimizing Your Health

Dr. Goodbinder DC DABCI went to the University of Kansas, where he earned his Bachelors of Science degree in community health. He was valedictorian of his doctoral program in Chiropractic.

3. Roy Meyer – Utilizing Virtual Assistants

Roy Meyer has over 33 yrs. experience in business, consulting, marketing, team building, outsourcing and speaking.

4. Mikyle Jessen – Funding Your Business,

Mikyle G Jessen is international expert on raising capital and launching start up companies. Mikyle’s mission is to enable people to take their knowledge, their passion and their life experiences and transform all of that into a product

5. Rondi Lambeth – Credit Repair

Rondi Lambeth is the Award Winning host of the “Your Credit…

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