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Everyone says that Orange County has a housing shortage and that is the reason for high rents and high cost of homes. There has been so much building going on in Costa Mesa and Huntington Beach that it is causing extreme traffic and more accidents than ever before. Just wait until the places on W. 17th/Pomona are built. 17th will be a nightmare to drive, worse than it is now.

The places that are being built are the “live where you work” style, with four stories and tons of stairs. These are not made for older people nor are they made for families. They are made for the young, singletons and how are these young singletons able to afford these places? Seems to me that people are coming to O.C. from other countries, buying vacation homes or buying for their children. The average person who was born and raised in our county cannot afford to buy and are being forced to move because those who are from other states and countries want to be by the beach. Let’s build affordable housing for those who live here already.

— Carrie Berg, Newport Beach

Politics doomed shuttle

Re: “Little Saigon Shuttle shuts amid political backbiting” [News, May 4]: In August, I was a participant in a phone conference with Supervisor Andrew Do and high-level OCTA staff in which I heatedly emphasized that the city would not, under any circumstances, start our own transit authority to hurriedly start this program before the election. I emphasized the certain possibility of failure due to inadequate planning, community outreach and the winter start date, which historically always results in poor ridership performance because of inclement weather and minimal tourist activity.

Hastily moving the project to a pre-election start proved to be a waste of precious Measure M monies, and saddled the city with costs it could ill afford. The city needed this project to be successful to relieve congestion and air pollution in Little Saigon, not to burnish the supervisor’s election…

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