Buffalo Games and Watch Ya’ Mouth Release America’s Next Viral Party Game with Watch Ya’ Mouth Throwdown

Watch Ya’ Mouth – THROWDOWN

“It’s a great game for kids and adults to play together. It’s a game the whole family will enjoy!” – Buffalo Games Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Ben Jamesson.

Watch Ya’ Mouth, maker of The Authentic Mouthguard Party Game, and Buffalo Games, industry-leading puzzle and game company, recently unveiled their next mouthguard party game, Watch Ya’ Mouth THROWDOWN!

Watch Ya’ Mouth THROWDOWN goes beyond attempting to read and interpret phrases and encourages players to compete in over 140 unique challenges, while hampered by CE and FDA certified cheek retractors. Players roll the THROWDOWN dice to determine who their opponent is, draw a challenge card from the deck, and follow the instructions.

Challenges range from familiar bar games and relay race activities—with surprising social media twists— to acting, singing, and drawing tasks (but you have to hold the pen with your teeth). Examples include players guessing a song by playing it through a noise maker and winning a ping pong ball race by blowing on the ball through a straw. Watch Ya’ Mouth THROWDOWN is recommended for ages 8+ and is perfect for groups of 3-10 players.

Despite the accolades and success of the original game, Watch Ya’ Mouth is still a small family business competing in the hobby games market. “We followed the American Dream, going from working out of our garage to bringing laughter to people all around the world,” said Alison Denbigh, one of the creators of Watch Ya’ Mouth. “This next iteration of the game provides even more opportunity for bonding and maybe some humiliation and ridiculousness. Our mission is, literally, to put the biggest smiles possible on faces across the globe, from college…

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