Branding Luxury Real Estate: ISD Global gives it a PropL

When it comes to real estate the world over,the buzz seems to be in the high end, ultra premium, luxury segment. This trend is sacrosanct across markets especially in Asia & Europe and looks likely to continue for some time to come. Keeping this in congnisance new age brand consultancy ISD Global has created a new division PropL that will focus purely on branding & marketing these high end havens of class. Abodes that can be called ‘ heaven on earth ‘.


” PropL, as the brand name indicates, is derived from an amalgam of Property & Luxury. It also is in sync with the word propel, which is all about momentum, moving ahead and reaching for the stars. Aside from the competence, we wanted the brand to inherit an energy and passion that will reflect in the way it operates across mutliple markets, media platforms and customer touchpoints, ” revealed Suresh Dinakaran, Group CEO, ISD Global.


Brand PropL has been created to offer a roster of services that top of the draw real estate developers must call upon to reach out, influence, excite and trigger consumption within the target eco system. So whether its creating architectural walkthroughs that present the customer with a holistic 360 degree on both the exteriors and interior elevations of the project, to customising databases to target, organising by invitation only roadshows in conjunction with investment bankers or wealth management entities or conceptualising & creating the entire brand and creative communication suite needed to market these developments( all aspects of ATL & BTL communication), developing the PR and thought leadership strategy and planning, buying & placing media across global markets, PropL does it all. Properly!


” ISD Global has been at the forefront of delivering cutting edge brand communication solutions in multiple markets for almost a decade. During the course of this journey, we developed a great insight of working with property developers in UAE, India, Mauritius, Hong Kong etc….

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