Boyd Matheson: The way of the swamp

As the autopsy on the Republicans’ failed run at repealing Obamacare continues, it is important to recognize that what played out, and the way it played out, were simply signs of business as usual in Washington.

The blame game is in full swing, with ire being cast at the speaker of the House, the president, the conservative Freedom Caucus, and even the Democrats. While they all deserve some blame, the problem is in the swamp.

Everyone rails on the need to drain the swamp. But to truly transform how Washington works (or more correctly, doesn’t work), we must root out “the way of the swamp” — the culture and approach both political parties deploy to maintain the status quo of power.

In the swamp, political power comes first, last and always. The American people and sound policy are left to fend for themselves.

The rollout of the American Health Care Act (AHCA) was textbook “way of the swamp.” The way of the swamp includes: a fatal false premise, creating the bill behind closed doors, no debate or amendments, a fake fight, and an artificial deadline driving a false choice.

First, the entire process was established on a fatal false premise. The Senate majority leader convinced the House speaker and the president that there was an incredibly limited amount of Obamacare…

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