Best Trade School Awards Given out by 10 Best Trade for March 2017

10 Best Trade, an active awards organization, has named the March 2017 winners of its Best Trade School awards: University of Minnesota -Twin Cities, Lincoln Tech, and Stanford Career Institute High.

While it might seem that an expensive university is the only way to obtain an advanced education, there are certainly much more viable options for a large portion of the population. Trade schools are often overlooked, despite the fact they can provide an education centered on a career that will be both highly lucrative and long-lasting. There are trade schools for just about every industry, including law, technology, medicine, and production. Vocational training is a good alternative to traditional universities since they are generally cheaper and faster, and they often lead directly into real-world success. With so many different vocational school options out there, how should a student decide where to attend?

10 Best Trade works to fill in the informational gaps for any student looking to go to a qualified trade school. They find the best trade schools every single month and release a ranking of the top ten schools. These lists are updated once a month so students can receive current information, and the winners for March of 2017 have recently been selected. The top three winners are outlined below.

At the top of the March 2017 rankings for best trade school is the University of Minnesota- Twin Cities. They have several amazing programs that can help any working student find success in the world. They work hard to help their students through every step of the process, and their graduates are always successful upon receiving their diplomas.

In second place as a leading vocational school is Lincoln Tech. Lincoln Tech is one of the most versatile and…

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