‘Becoming Warren Buffett’ Goes Beyond a $74 Billion Fortune

But the movie doesn’t shy away from portraying Mr. Buffett, now 86, as something of a remarkable human computer, gifted with numbers and less so with interpersonal relationships. He is the kind of man who straightforwardly says that he can’t remember the colors of his bedroom walls, and the kind of husband who when his wife had the flu and asked for a pot to keep by her bedside, instead fetched a colander.


Mr. Buffett in the documentary.

via HBO

In the film, his daughter, Susie, says she learned how to talk in sound bites to a father more immersed with financial issues than his children’s. “You lose him to some giant thought he had in his head at the time,” she said.

Mr. Buffett doesn’t quibble with what is onscreen. “It’s really an accurate portrayal,”…

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