Backtalk: Times readers sound off on Mariners catcher Mike Zunino and Nathan Hale coach Brandon Roy

Backtalk: Letters to the Sports Editor.


Solving the Zunino issue

As a lifelong student of the game of baseball (83 years of age), I have an answer for the dilemma that has faced Mariners fans for the past few years.

Mike Zunino is a fine catcher who has had difficulty hitting at the major-league level. After intensely scrutinizing his swing, from all angles, I think I have the answer that has always worked in the past. Trade him!

He will probably hit .350 his first year out of the organization.

Don Rogers, Camano Island

Points of contention

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Three things:

1. Same old Mariners. Same old Mike Zunino who cannot hit big-league pitching, period! Why is it that the M’s cannot find a catcher who can hit at least .200?

2. We are at the point that we need to stop calling Felix Hernandez “King Felix.” Really, ERA is closer to 5, and he has regressed over the past two years.

3. When I hear Jay Buhner on the broadcast, I immediately hit mute.

Paul Watson, Kirkland

Mistakes all around

Why is anyone wondering about the reason for the Mariners’ bad start this season? Instead of correcting their problems they made them worse.

Everyone knew Mike Zunino couldn’t hit, so what did they do? Hire another catcher, Carlos Ruiz, who can’t hit. Then they get Danny Valencia and Daniel Vogelbach, neither of whom can hit. I guess they figured Nelson Cruz, Robinson Cano and Kyle Seager would be all the hitting they needed.

They have only one major-league pitcher, James Paxton.

Its painful to watch manager Scott Servais send out a pinch-hitter who hasn’t a clue about the strike zone, or when he strolls out to the mound and signals to the bullpen for a reliever with an ERA of 7 or 8.

Ed Anderson, Kirkland

Brandon Roy

Roy must step forward

I don’t know Nathan Hale boys basketball coach Brandon Roy personally, but I’ve known of…

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