Author Uses Near-Death Health Issues To Help Other Patients

Landiak is donating proceeds from the book to the Foundation for Sarcoidosis Research and has begun his own philanthropic campaign called Climb for the Cure.

Mark Landiak was backpacking with his daughter through the Grand Canyon when he suddenly started sweating, and then his heart raced, his breathing shortened and his legs weakened. Even though he made it out of the canyon alive, he had another episode during a 5K race, which sent him on a 10-month journey of hospital visits and lab work. Finally, he had a diagnosis: cardiac sarcoidosis.

Landiak’s book, “Getting Better: Healing Prescriptions for Patients, Families and Friends” (published by AuthorHouse), combines practical strategies for coping and healing with humorous stories about the situations he found himself in as he worked through a myriad of tests, treatments, operations, and ongoing recovery. The story highlights how he turned a diagnosis that should’ve been a death sentence into a renewal on life and a goal to help others who suffer. “My disease is one that cannot be cured, but by keeping my sense of humor and overcoming what everyone told me would kill me, I have been able to gain new perspective,” Landiak says. “I prepared for the best even though everyone told me to prepare for the worst.”

The author is embarking on a marketing campaign to expand the book’s reach. Landiak wants “Getting Better” to empower patients to have more control over their recovery and help them build the best possible quality of life regardless of their circumstances. “My newfound mission is to help as many of my fellow patients and caregivers as well, to take steps toward getting better in some facet of their lives,” he says. “To achieve the highest possible quality…

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