Army Aviation Meets Rogerson Kratos UH-60A Black Hawk Digital Helicopter Cockpit Modernization Flying at AAAA in Nashville

UH-60 Cockpit Modernization Simulator

– Army Aviation Solutions Summit Is Flight Venue

  • Exhibit Hall Stand #1613 for Full Cockpit Demonstrator
  • Highlights Safety & Situational Awareness
  • Rogerson Kratos Open Architecture Has Legs For Future.

Rogerson Kratos comes to the 2017 Army Aviation Association of America Mission Solutions Summit in Nashville, TN, fresh off its recent FAA approval for flights outside Texas. The purpose of the company demonstration flights and briefings is to share the story of improved safety and situational awareness advantages with the modernized digital cockpit for the Sikorsky Black Hawk UH-60 A and L Black Hawk and its commercial counterpart the S70.

After successfully completing the initial 50 hour flight evaluation which was the basis for the FAA approval for out of state market survey flights, a number of Black Hawk pilots, test pilots, and industry observers have flown the aircraft with high praise. The next step is to gather advice and feedback from currently active Military and Government officials.

Rogerson Kratos’ goal is to show how this digital cockpit modernization, that comes with a name that isn’t one of the industry juggernauts, does it better with cleaner integrated avionics and cockpit upgrades more efficiently. Of course, in the end it’s all about costs and training benefits through commonality and interoperability. That’s the reason for the Rogerson Kratos business model which offers the sale or lease of modernized aircraft, maintenance and pilot training, and in country upgrades for current operators.

Rogerson Kratos CEO, Michael Rogerson, expressed his appreciation to the experimental test pilots and former M Model military pilots, who recently flew the…

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