Are You A Sausage Connoisseur?

If you love meat, then I imagine you have tried more than your traditional pork sausage: pork and garlic; pork and leek; Lincolnshire; Cumberland; smoky bacon; chicken and tarragon; sage, onion and pork or hot and spicy. But did you know that there are different types of sausage too?

And I am not talking about flavours…

I was looking around the other day and discovered that there are also different ways of preparing sausage, take a look:

Cooked Sausage: made from fresh meats, these are then fully cooked e.g. Braunschweiger, veal sausage and liver sausage. These are either eaten immediately after cooking or refrigerated before being re-heated at meal times.

Cooked Smoked Sausage: similar to cooked sausage, these are cooked and then smoked. They can be eaten hot or cold but need to be stored in the fridge e.g. Weiners, Kielbasa and Bologna.

Fresh Sausage: these are made from meats that have not been previously cured and need to be refrigerated. To serve they must be thoroughly cooked e.g. Boerewors, Italian pork sausage, fresh beef sausage and British sausages.

Fresh Smoked Sausage: similar to fresh sausages, the only difference is that they have been smoked. After being smoked that can be stored in the fridge before being thoroughly cooked e.g. Mettwurst and Roumanian sausage.

Dry Sausage: created from a selection of meats, these are quite complicated to make as the drying process has to be carefully controlled. Once prepared, they can be eaten without cooking plus last for a long time when stored in the fridge e.g. Salami and Summer sausage.

British Sausage: usually made from fresh pork, they often contain a certain amount of breadcrumb and sage.

Italian Sausage: also known as ‘sausage of pizza’, these are made from pork and can be frozen in bulk or stuffed into hog casings for sandwiches. Their most common flavour comes from fennel.

Bratwurst: made from pork, veal and a whole host of spices, these are stuffed into hog casings.

Summer Sausage, Salami and Beer Sticks: …

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