Anxiety can be a chronic disorder

Stress, fear, nervousness, worry and anxiety are the common feeling among people these days. Such feelings have become part of daily life. Simply facing anxiety or stress doesn’t mean you need a medical help. Anxiety is the sudden change in the mood of a person often changes are nervousness, fear, stress. In simple words, anxiety is the feeling of sadness, nervousness, worry etc. some worry are obvious, worry about near once, anxiety about the result or examination, competition. But anxiety with no particular reason and which disturb sleep at night are the matter of concern. Irritability is the sign of number of emotional problems. Good number of teenagers is found with such symptoms during anxiety. Maximum number of teenagers is witnessed suffering from anxiety. Anxiety has a serious impact on the real life. For those people have anxiety disorder their types include;

•  Panic disorder
•  Obsessive compulsive disorder
•  Post traumatic stress disorder
•  Phobias
•  Generalize anxiety disorder

Anxiety becomes serious problem when the symptoms become chronic and interrupt in our daily life and routine. Anxiety even variety of severe physical problems. These problems are related to heart, lungs, nervous system and various other problems like upset stomach, diarrhea, trouble breathing and weakness or feeling as if you may faint or have a heart attack. People suffering from chronic anxiety, often face the following problem;

•  Muscle tension
•  Physical tension
•  Poor memory
•  Sweaty hands
•  Fear or confusion
•  Inability to think
•  Constant worry
•  Shortness of breath
•  Palpitation
•  Upset stomach
•  Poor concentration

Therapy and medication can improve your anxiety to a large extent. Besides, medication the person suffering from anxiety need to overcome the stress from his/her daily life. Taking immediate steps to eliminate the problem is important to lead a healthy and normal life. For the best chance of recovery, following…

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