Another year, another flooded basement: Fredericton resident takes it in stride – New Brunswick

Despite the floodwaters and rainy weather, Dawn McKay isn’t panicking. This isn’t anything new for her. 

McKay lives on McMinniman Court in Fredericton, just off Riverside Drive along the St. John River. Flooding is an annual event there, and McKay has lived in the area for over 40 years. 

“It’s a little wet but otherwise it’s a normal weekend in this time of the year down in the area,” she said.

Parts of New Brunswick are expected to receive more than 100 mm of rain by noon on Sunday, at a time when the St. John River is already high from the spring runoff. 

‘Pumping since April 10’

This year, McKay was one of the first in her neighbourhood to get water in the house, and she expects she will be one of the last pumping water out of it.

“We got now less than two feet … and we’ve been pumping since April 10,” said McKay, who expects to be pumping until at least June.

Dawn McKay has about 60 centimetres of water in her basement, and that could rise as rain continues to fall. (Ed Hunter/CBC)

“Every year somebody here gets water in their basements so you just don’t use your basements, get stuff up, have the pumps ready, have your generators ready, same stuff every year.”

McKay has her basement cleared, other than what can float. It’s an unfinished basement, so the water doesn’t do too much damage. But she said some of her neighbours aren’t so lucky. 

Basement water may rise

McKay said by now she can tell what to watch for to tell when her basement will start flooding. Once there is a certain amount of water in the field behind her house, she knows her basement is soon to follow. 

The water in McKay’s basement may rise yet. Fredericton is expected to see floodwater levels rise as the rain falls Saturday night and into Sunday morning. 

Dawn McKay has lived in the area for 44 years and is no stranger to the wet weather. (Ed Hunter/CBC)

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