Ancon Technologies Adds Experienced Members to Growing, Innovative Team

Benjamin West

I am very excited about the opportunity that Ancon Technologies offers to develop leading-edge products, services and technologies that can promote safety and convenience for a wide range of users

With experience ranging from wildlife management to the patent process to space age technology, Ancon Technologies has added a diverse range of new talent to its growing team of innovative professionals. By bringing in experience in general management, product launches, public relations, marketing, international accounts, electronics and engineering, Ancon Technologies is strengthening a workforce that is ready for the challenges of developing, marketing and delivering pioneering environmental monitoring technology.

British nanotechnology research company Ancon Technologies is an innovative leader in developing technologies for environmental monitoring and management, including the unique Nanotechnology Molecular Tagging system, which can detect a wide range of chemical substances from aerosol measurements.

“Ancon Technologies knows that to develop great products, you need great talent,” said Dr. Robert Muir, Ancon Technologies Chief Executive Officer. “In adding Benjamin West, Joanna Stephens and Peter King, our company is strengthening our team in a number of key areas, including management, marketing and engineering, and will give us the knowledge and experience to advance exciting new technologies.”

In general manager Benjamin West, Ancon Technologies is getting 20 years experience in technical and commercial management, bringing proven results in the patent process, product development and commercial launches. He has successfully launched and managed online and retail businesses…

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