All Traffic Solutions Releases Smarter Cities Whitepaper

Smarter Cities Whitepaper: Five Ways to See Results in 2017

All Traffic Solutions, the leader in cloud-based traffic management solutions for law enforcement, transportation and smart cities, has released its latest white paper, Smarter Cities: Five Ways to See Results in 2017, which explores the five core components of a successful smart cities transportation initiative, and shares how to leverage the best new technologies, including IoT*, and implement the right systems to become a smarter city, both today and into the future.

The paper looks at the critical role of leveraging data in decision making, and how managing transportation in a cloud-based environment enables municipalities to understand traffic flows, patterns, safety and trouble spots quickly and easily in real time— making it possible to effectively and proactively both manage for today and plan for tomorrow.

The paper also explores the importance of smart traffic congestion management, smart safety initiatives, smart parking and remote cloud management, and why making decisions about the right transportation management projects that balance short term gains with long term results is the key to “smart cities success”.

Those who wish to download this white paper can click on this link.

To learn more about TraffiCloudTM, All Traffic Solutions’ cloud-based transportation management ecosystem that allows users to remotely manage traffic and parking devices, as well as data, from any Internet connection, visit

*Internet of Things

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