All About Beef Jerky and Biltong from Australia

Jerky is a food item originally from South America. It’s produced from dried slices of lean meat. Just before drying, producers put salt to stop the growth of bacteria. Incorporating the spice also plays a part in the flavour of the final product. Right now, different production methods are used in improving the flavour of the meat. These techniques include marinating the meat in a spice rub or liquid, as well as smoking. Some makers of beef jerky in Australia make the best-tasting cured meats on the planet.

It’s really a shame that individuals are forgetting the great flavours and nutrients of beef jerky. Australia residents that have yet to taste this snack item are in for a treat. Most people relate beef jerky with the American concept of the Wild West. That is noticeable in the way some brands market their goods featuring a cowboy or a horse. Some point out that the flavour is an acquired taste. Its variants and availability in the market advise otherwise.

Like some other food options, this item comes in low and high quality variants. It is easy to differentiate between the two. The cut of the meat is the best tell-tale sign of the product’s value. High quality jerky is made from premium whole muscle meats. Makers point out that three kilograms of lean meat is important to make just one pound of the finished product. Cheap varieties do not adhere to this standard, hence its lower price.

This cured meat is a superb source of lean protein, which gives strength to the body. Furthermore, it is low in fat and carbohydrates, and eating only a few pieces makes the body feel full. That is why the food item is great for people that have active lifestyles. It’s actually a great snack to bring along on hiking trips or a trip to the beach.  Because it’s rich in protein, it’s a great supplement for gym-goers looking to build muscle definition.

Biltong from Australia is yet another cured meat that’s beginning to make waves among a lot of consumers. It’s a cured meat process that originated in South Africa. Many different types of meat are utilized to produce biltong. Included in this are beef, ostrich, and various other kinds of game. Although both are cured meats, there are two distinct differences between them. Whereas jerky is commonly cut up very thinly, biltong is the opposite. Slices usually are an inch wide, and could be much thicker depending on the supplier. The second key difference is the utilization of vinegar, rather than salt, in the drying process of biltong.

The flavour of the product also is dependent largely on the cut of meat used. Low quality meat makes a chewy or stale finished product. High quality items are much better to chew and come in a number of flavours.

Those considering purchasing beef jerky or biltong in Australia can do so online. Most distributors have websites offering the different varieties and flavours of these two items. When getting beef jerky from Australia, pick firms that offer only high-quality products to get…

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