Adopt a pet: Domestic shorthair cat Sterling is a real survivor

Breed: Domestic shorthair

Age: 1 year

Gender: Spayed female

Sterling’s story: Sterling has an interesting history. Her left ear was partially removed, indicating that someone spayed her. Along the way, she was taken to be a wild kitten, so when she was spayed her ear was notched and she was released to fend for herself. That ear notch is her badge of survival; Sterling lived on the streets until someone found her and dropped her off at the Mission Viejo Animal Services Center in November. Since then, this little kitty has grown extremely fond of people and loves to cuddle, be petted and sit on her cat tree, from which she’s watched families adopt her feline friends. She’s longing for a forever home of her own where she’ll be loved and safe.

Adoption fee: $20 to the right family or individual

Adoption procedure: Contact Mission Viejo Animal Services, 28095…

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