A Vivid Perspective on Studying MBA in Barcelona

Student life is definitely an important consideration when choosing an MBA program. So don’t overlook this aspect of earning your MBA. This article offers a perspective on studying MBA in Barcelona.

There are no other countries like Spain. Epic stories, magnificent views. Hemingway called it the last good country on Earth. Spain is a place of possibility. MBA in Barcelona, in one of the most beautiful, innovative and cosmopolitan cities of Spain, makes these possibilities stronger. That is why more and more international students choose Barcelona with its top-ranked business schools as the place for their MBA studies.

Barcelona is thriving. Gone are the bullfights and brawls. Left are the culture and the spirit of innovation and constant progress. Art galleries and trendy bars and cafes dominate sections of the city. Arenas once home to the matadors are now transformed into modern shopping malls. Some of the self-proclaimed oldest restaurants are here. Find the right bar, such as Les Quatre Gats, and you can literally sit at Salvador Dali’s or Pablo Picasso’s table.

Your time in Barcelona is not like your time in other places. Barcelona is special. Alive beaches with bars, music and a vibrant atmosphere, beautiful avenues and green parks, renowned music and theatre festivals. The natural reaction is to stroll, to enjoy and to absorb.

The life of MBA students is diverse. Whether your interests include entrepreneurship, community outreach, surfing or flamenco, there is a club for you in Barcelona. Organizations such as Barcelona Activa promote entrepreneurship in the city and offer ample networking events with angel investors, industry professionals, and other entrepreneurs. International festivals, such as Holi promote cultural awareness and diversity, and, of course, you will always have a chance to play football in Barcelona or enroll into the flamenco dance classes.

If you strongly believe that you learn the most from the people who see things differently…

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