A Plan For Getting Your Direct Mail Envelopes Opened

What’s your plan for getting your direct mail envelopes opened? I ask you this because, as non-intuitive as it sounds, the first step in a successful direct mail campaign is getting your letters opened. If you’ve never thought of that aspect of it, then this may be a shocker to you. And you may be wondering, “Well how hard is it to get my letters opened?”

Well the truth of the matter is that, you have to envision your prospects sorting out their mail over a trash can. Whatever letter looks like spam or junk mail, it’s going immediately in the dumpster. So ask yourself: Does your mail look like junk mail? This is a very serious question, and it’s something to think about if you don’t want your mail to be sent to the trash.

If you didn’t already know, about 20% of all bulk mail gets tossed out everyday by the mailman. So if your letter resembles bulk, your mailings could potentially be hurting you. To counteract this, your goal should be to make all of your mailings look personal, and to use a real-live stamp on your envelopes.

Can you imagine how much of a difference it would make if your prospects received a letter in the mail that looks personal? They might take this envelope to the top of the pile just to see who it is that is writing to them. A tip about this is that you should only include your mailing address (not a name!) in the top left hand corner of your envelope. And a great way to boost the effectiveness of this technique, is to handwrite everything in blue ink.

Ink in general would make an impression on a prospect but blue ink simply tops the cake. When I do my direct mail campaigns, I always hand address my envelopes. Even when I’m mailing postcards I include something personal on it, and I hand address it with blue ink. You should try this also.

The bottom line is that your direct mail letters should be presented in a way that makes it a no-brainer to open and read. Time and time again experiments have shown that the letters that appears more…

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