A crack in your winter squash doesn’t mean you can’t eat it (but it might)

If you don’t harvest your winter squash in time, cracks can appear. That doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t eat it, though. You’ll know as soon as you cut into the squash.

In the Garden

Q: This year when I harvested my winter squash, a number of them had cracks in the skin. Are they still fine to eat?

A: Although it’s rare for cracks to occur on the skin on winter squash in our climate, it can happen if conditions cause late growth. Once the fruit on winter squash matures, the skin turns hard. The skin needs to harden because it’s what gives winter squash the ability to keep for long periods after harvest, but once it hardens, the skin loses its flexibility, making it unable to expand to accommodate added growth.

The unusually warm, rainy weather this fall caused a second flush of growth after the fruit had matured, and the pressure of the new growth can cause the…

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