6 Basic Composition Methods to Help You shot a charming Landscape Photograph

To shoot good photos, the photographer must consider the proper arrangements with framing, angle, orientation, light, color and other characteristics for each subject before shooting. How to compose elements of architecture on the screen will affect that whether the photographer can clearly convey the work’s philosophy to the viewer.

All in all, the principles needed to be considered for composition are as below:

• Subject position
• The relations of size, angle, foreground and background
• The direction and nature of the light source
• Brightness and the contrast of the light source
• The form of felling of far and near
• Types of horizontal and landscape

1. Rule of thirds

Ancient Greek found elegant classic ratio of 1:1.62 or 2:3 which known as the golden ratio while making the lines segmentation. Try to divide photos into three equal portions. If you placed the location of the subject in the whole picture of the 1/3 or 2/3 ratio, you can create a vast visual tension to make the picture more balanced and harmonious. The golden section applied to photographic composition techniques also has a strong aesthetic value.

2. Symmetrical composition

We usually use symmetrical composition while shooting reflection in the water. It can show us a balanced and stable feeling, and especially has a beautiful effect in describing an atmosphere of the quiet evening.

3. Distance composition

While facing a vast field of vision of the scene, you can make good use of the distance composition.

4. Curve composition

The most important purpose of the composition is to get a visual sense of balance in the picture. Curve composition can create a sense of the rhythm of the screen. It can be used in shooting rivers, roads, fence, waves or mountain ridge, etc. Using the natural curve as the guide of the screen, you can attract the viewer’s eyes.

5. Straight-line composition

Shooting straight trees or trees in the mountains, you can make use of the straight-line composition to show the specialty of upright of the trees.

6. Blank

Why the sky views bland or the subject topic doesn’t need sky when shooting landscapes, you can incorporate into the part of the sky as a blank screen to make the screen not be too crowded. It can reflect the weather conditions and leave some imagination space to the viewer.

By the way, although many composition skills are mentioned in this article, but photography is a creation of free without having to adhere to some form. In fact, each person can make a different composition to show their own unique style according to their interest.

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