5 Ways to Make Rangoli

Rangoli is an ancient art form and has been carrying on for ages. It is made using different colors, diyas and even flowers. There are many ways in which you can make Rangoli. Let’s see some of them in detail:

1) Simple Rangoli: This is the simplest way to make a Rangoli. You can start by choosing the design you want to have for your Rangoli and sketch the same on a piece of black paper that is large enough for the design to fit. Sketch it lightly so that it can be erased in case of mistakes. Once you are happy with the sketched design, outline it with plain white chalk and fill the inner spaces with colored chalks. Finally, you can pin this design on the black paper in the hallway or entrance where everyone can see it.

2) Rangoli for the beginner: You will first have to choose the area where you want the Rangoli to be made. It could be on the black paper or the ground. After this, search patterns and designs online and sketch it lightly. Then outline it with a chalk. After this roll a newspaper, fill it with sand or semolina and cut the narrow end. Use your finger to control the movement of sand in outlining the design. This is the most interesting step. After the outlining is done, fill the design with either colored paint or colored sand/sawdust. Your vibrant Rangoli is ready. Place it where it can be easily seen.

3) Advanced Rangoli: Choose the space on the ground where you want to design the Rangoli. After this, select the design. This could be an inspiration from the nature or your own creativity. Sketch the design on a piece of paper making very clear lines and space for inserting the color. You can use sand/semolina/dried lentils for texture and colors. Try to mix textures and colors to enhance the final look of the design. Outline the design with sand or semolina with your fingers. Fill the design with paint or flower petals or colored sand/sawdust and the Rangoli is ready. You may add clay pot or candles for final touches.

4) Floating…

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