5 Things to consider while choosing the right tablet for travel

Tablet is gradually becoming a very useful device for everyone including businessmen, professionals, student or housewife. Being a miniature PC, it allows us to perform all basic tasks like web browsing, emailing, watching video and listening music. But buying a tablet is a complicated task that requires you to consider lot of parameters. Choosing the appropriate tablet with suitable features and specifications requires the user to spend some time on the analysis of the advantages and drawbacks of various tablets available in the market from companies like Apple, Samsung, HTC, Sony, Acer and others.

The selection of tablets entirely depends upon your requirement. If you want to buy a tablet for just being on Facebook and using Skype for video conference then going for a high-end or modern tablet would be a waste of money. You should simply choose a tablet which is compact and stable and this fulfills your purpose precisely. On the contrary, if you are planning to buy a tablet for performing complex tasks or watching movies then probably going for a high-end tablet with lots of features would be a good idea.

Another important aspect that you should consider before buying a tablet is the operating system (OS). OS is an important component of the tablet on which it runs. You should do a bit of research and analysis to choose the OS among Android, Windows of iOS from Apple. The tablet from Apple runs on its own operating system known as iOS. The latest iPad with Retina Display runs on the iOS 6 operating system.

Apps are smalls programs designed for specific purposes. These are the major attraction of mobile devices including tablets. So you should also consider this aspect with due seriousness. You can choose Android-based tablets as most Android apps are available for free but if you have chosen an iPad from Apple, you need to shell out money for even the basic iPad apps. But paying few bucks for Apple apps is worth it as nothing can beat Apple tablets in terms…

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