5 Steps to Become Enlightened

If you want to become enlightened, there are certain things that are pretty much necessary to follow in order for you to really move deep into the enlightened state.  Regardless of your spiritual path or beliefs, if you follow these 5 steps to become enlightened, you will be well on your way.

The first step to become enlightened is shaktipat.  Also knows as Kundalini Shakti, Deeksha or Grace, shaktipat is the spiritual energy that awakens you to enlightenment.

Although spiritual practice and meditation is important if you want to become enlightened, ultimately it is this spiritual energy that awakens you to enlightenment.  When this Shaktipat becomes awakened in you, you may feel this energy as bliss, or love or peace.  Simply by allowing your attention to remain in that bliss, the Shakti purifies your energy channels and awakens you into your natural enlightened state.

The main way you receive shaktipat is through an enlightened master, one who has reached such a high state of enlightenment that they radiate shaktipat.  Just by sitting with them, this spiritual energy is awakened in you and enlightenment happens.  

But there is also a way you can receive shaktipat through sound which we will talk about at the end of this article.

The second step in becoming enlightened is purification.  Proper diet and exercise is most important.  You have to bring you body into a very balanced and pure state.  If you are drinking alcohol, taking drugs, eating junk food, your body will be busy fighting all of these toxins and will remain unbalanced.  You want to eat pure foods, lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, food that nurtures the body and mind.

The third step to become enlightened is spiritual practice.  Some form of meditation is usually the main practice, but prana (breathing) exercises, chanting, yoga can also be quite beneficial.  It is important to keep an open mind, to try the different spiritual practices that are talked about by various enlightened teachers…

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