4 Health Benefits Of Shopping That May Surprise You

Once speaking about shopping, most of you think that is a waste of time and money. However, shopping also has some positive effects and here are 4 health benefits of shopping that you may not know about.

1. Improve your mood and relieve stress

Going shopping and scoring an unique vintage necklace or something you extremely desire help you gain the heightened emotions of happiness, which release endorphins and improve your overall mood. Additionally, according to a study by Brunel University, shopping is associated with increased activity in the part of the brain which is linked to pleasure and positive thinking. Moreover, shopping can rise levels of dopamine, a neurotransmitter sharply during pleasurable experiences. Along with boosting your mood, shopping can lower your stress levels. People who go shopping with their friends produce less levels of the stress hormone cortisol than those who are alone.

2. Help you stay fit and lose weight

Shopping from one department store to the next one while lifting heavy shopping bags is a good workout for your overall health, in general, and heart health, in particular. According to some studies, exploring new shopping destinations and walking down shop aisles help burn 385 calories a week for an average person. Therefore, taking a trip to the shops is an amazing way for you to lose some pounds while still staying healthy.

3. Give you an ego boost

While workplaces are sometimes areas making you feel powerless and insignificant, a clothing store is a place where you can control your expenses. Your strength as a consumer lets you order for things you demand and get as many boxes open as you want.

4. Help you keep your acuity

When you go to the boutiques, markets or other establishments to shop for items, you tend to be more physically active because you have to go around to look for best things you want. You are also more socially involved because you will meet many people, both new and old friends, at the store. In…

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