3 Ways to Enhance Your Workers Compensation Claims Management Process

With financial constraints affecting the workers’ compensation industry, companies are pushing a lot of their effort into finding valuable ways to enhance their claims process to increase efficiency and effectiveness. With a large majority of the claim handling process focusing on administrative tasks adjusters are taking the time to identifying ways to apply new practices to an antiquated process to improve results.

Understanding the ways technology can effectively address these workflow concerns is half of the solution. Addressing underutilized existing methods during the process will also help with pin pointing important tools that will assist in providing adjusters a comprehensive end to end claims management solution.

Three ways insurers can begin to enhance the process can include:

Controlling the claims management environment.
A consistent claim handling environment through a rule based engine ensures effective practices are enforced. Stimulated workflow processes reduce important cost drivers, and decrease administrative costs. With a rules based engine the process becomes controlled, which in turn creates a mutually beneficial outcome for managers, and workers.

Web-based communication.
Providing a user-friendly option for both policy holders and customers to view case information via the internet easily frees up the large amount of time adjusters taking client calls. Removing the task of redundant data entry empowers adjusters to focus on detecting fraudulent, exaggerated and repeated claims.

Maintaining a safe work environment using claim data.
Your claims system’s primary objective is to organize the facts and highlight key indicators that need to be improved to provide workers the safest work environment. An in-depth overview of the data collected on each case will identify facts about your organization and the patterns will begin to surface. Giving adjusters a full view of the information including incidents/accidents, locations, causes, all parties…

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