3 reasons the FFAW says FISH-NL can't be trusted

Under the leadership of Ryan Cleary, FISH-NL has been campaigning against the FFAW with a list of grievances fish harvesters have against what some of them call “the saltwater mafia.” 

The Federation of Independent Seafood Harvesters (FISH-NL) says fishers’ best interests are not being represented by the Fish, Food and Allied Workers (FFAW).

Friday morning in St. John’s, FISH-NL formally filed for union certification with the Labour Relations Board so its members can leave the FFAW. The board will review the signed membership cards to determine if FISH-NL has enough support to trigger an official certification vote via secret ballot. 

FFAW secretary-treasurer Dave Decker outlined the reasons his union feels FISH-NL, led by former NDP MP Ryan Cleary, cannot be trusted.

1. Numbers

Cleary will not reveal how many fish harvesters have pledged their support to FISH-NL…

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