10 Best Places to See in Maastricht, Netherlands

Are you looking out what all places to see in Maastricht that you must visit and enjoy? If yes, then you have landed up on the right page. There are many popular tourist spots that you can visit without spending a penny for it. All you need to do is pack up your bags, hire a bicycle at Maastricht and enjoy the watching the view.

Following are some of the popular places to see in Maastricht in Netherlands

St Servatius: At the side of St Servatius you can surely enjoy variety of fittings, fixtures, and statuary. Besides, the tiled floor is something that you will not find anywhere else.

Fortiofciations: Start in the 20th century; this places is quite popular and one of the best tourist destination. It is one of the must visit places to see in Maastricht. The architecture of the building are quite string and designed with great quality.

The Dominican Church: It was built in the end of…

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