Reputation Is Important! Manage Yours With These Tips!

When you are trying to maintain a positive business image, you’re going to encounter a ton of obstacles. You might know quite a bit about business reputation management, but you can never be too prepared. So continue reading in order to find out some great techniques you can use to help make sure your business

Tips For Successful Real Estate Investments

There hasn’t been a better time in the U.S. economy to buy real estate. The market is highly profitable right now given such low interest rates, offering investors the chance to get in with a relatively small investment. Taking this advice will get you on the path to nearly guaranteed profits. Private or hard money

Muskrat Falls cofferdam fix could take weeks: Nalcor

The head of Nalcor Energy expects damage will be done to Muskrat Falls structures this winter, due to a failure to install an ice boom in time — and delays he ultimately attributes to protests in October. Nalcor simply ran out of time to install the boom this year, according to CEO Stan Marshall. Nalcor said Friday

Nova Scotia high school students walk out in support of teachers

Thousands of students at several high schools across the province walked out of class Friday in support of their teachers who are in a contract dispute with the province. More than 9,000 teachers are set to begin work-to-rule on Monday. They’ve been without a contract for more than a year and negotiations with the province collapsed last